Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tartan in Wine

Tartan Midi Dress c/o OMG FASHION
GIFT Jacket
ZARA Ankle-strap Booties

I'd describe this look as a fusion of 90's and modern trends, mostly because of this lovely tartan midi from OMG FASHION. The tartan and plaid patterns have been passed around from one decade to another, only changing in fabrics and colors. In the 90's, I believe it was in the form of "flannel," which was almost like wearing your favorite pajamas, often around the waist. The trend rose alongside the rise of alternative rock artists, and their taste for grunge. Now, it's 2014, and the pattern is still very much alive. There are a ton of ways to wear the trend, but my favorite would be using it for dressier purposes. I find it fun to pair grungy or casual patterns like tartan with clothes that you can wear to parties or special occasions. 

Another thing about my look that channels the 90's would be my outerwear. It's not your usual moto leather jacket, but a puffy leather hoodie. Isn't it a bit Top Gun-esque? Yes, I'm aware that Top Gun came out in the late 80's, but it's close enough! Haha! The point is, it's mash-up of retro fashion with my current style. It goes to show that trends will keep on recycling themselves, but it's up to us to know how to make them work!

So what's your favorite retro trend? How would you wear it today? I'd love to know! 

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  1. I love! :

  2. Great look! May I feature you on Instagram? @stylishbloggers let me know

    Melissa at stylistafitness dot com

  3. 90's grunge is one of the best styles out there. Lovin the tartan midi dress!!

  4. Aaa so much in love with the dress!!

  5. gorg! as always xx

  6. Love this look! Just discovered your blog and started following it, you have such an amazing style!

  7. Super cool pics :)
    Awesome outfit <3

  8. yup, I'm still into the 90's flannel as well. looks great on you!

    -j.Lee <3

  9. Great outfit! I love tartan :) You really remind me of Lily Collins, so pretty!

  10. you look so pretty in this dress! tartan is such a great print to work with

    xo Sarah


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