Thursday, January 24, 2013

Co-Escueta Wedding

From LANDMARK Earrings

Weddings are always fun. You get to wear pretty dresses and accessories, and get all dolled up with your girl friends. It's been a while since I last attended a wedding, so I was excited to prepare for this one. When I found out that the event required us to wear formal attire, I thought I'd look for a new dress so I would be able to wear something else than the usual blue and lace gown I've been wearing for the past few occasions. I didn't want to get anything too expensive or extravagant, so I was looking for something that wasn't an all-out formal gown. And tadah! Here's what's I found!

This dress was on sale in Tango. It was the first dress that caught my eye when I was looking around TriNoma. After hours of searching elsewhere, I came back to the first store I entered. I'm really fond of Tango dresses. They're a reliable shop if you want elegance with a great fit. My graduation dress was also from Tango, and they've yet to disappoint me :) 

I was going for a grecian look with this dress. It's draping fit and asymmetrical cut was the reason behind that. So I went for a loose and messy bun with accent earrings and my trusty gold bangle. I am particularly proud of my makeup for this event hahaha. I opted for smokey and shiny eyes, which I really liked. Sorry for my lack of proper makeup terminology :P

Martha and I wearing matching colors, with a more colorful and fun gown from Abby :) Love love love her floral and draping skirt! 
Some of my favorite girls in the world. I love how our colors all blend together! :)

Hurray for weddings! Congratulations to the newly weds! And thank you Abby for inviting us to sing for your brother's special day. 

What's your dream wedding dress? Any ideas yet? I'd love to hear 'em ;)

That's all I have for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Ciao readers :)


  1. wow.. you look like a goddess !!
    so pretty and delicate =)
    stunning outfit ^^

  2. Gorgeous Aileen! :)

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  3. Love the dress!! and also your make up! I hope you make a tutorial about this look <3

  4. You look so elegant and sophisticated, Aileen! :)

    Jamie Kate

  5. The entire look came together so well! I love your make-up and hairdo :)

  6. omg, so pretty

  7. The dress looks great on you! I love the beaded detailing, and the draped look :)

  8. Thanks for singing, Ai! So pretty as always! :)

  9. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:

  10. you dress is lovely! it fits you well. -new follower-

  11. Wow, pretty! A lovely Dress!



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