Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wind Blown

Hi-low dress from Sheinside; Primark heart cutout belt; Primark heels

This dress is elegance. I admit it would be difficult to wear for a simple and casual day. Still, I can't help but fall for this dress. Its print and color is so beautiful; and I love the long and flowing train.  I think anyone can wear a dress like this (just as long as the length of the train is right for your height). Thanks Sheinside for sending this over. It's definitely a lovely addition to my closet :)

Photos taken by Irvinne Redor

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Shiny Steps

Top from Babassu; People are People skirt; Thrifted denim jacket; Manhattan flats from Hebe Manila; bag from Venice

The rain clouds have returned! Yes, the Philippines is once again in its rainy season. It's been dark, it's been I thought a little shine in my outfit could bring a brighter atmosphere :) Hello gold shoes! :P

Manhattan Flats are back on Hebe Manila's website! Yipee! It's been out of stock for some time, due to its popular demand. Now it's back in two new colors. Here's one of them in gold :) They're perfect for school or when you want to be laid back and casual. The interesting cut-outs will definitely catch attention even if you keep your look simple. 

Photo credits to Irvinne Redor

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm on Instagram!

Hey guys! Yes, I joined Instagram! It's been addicting so far haha
Well I'll be posting some of my blog updates there, like previews, goodies, makeup, hair, anything really...
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Current Obsession: Crimp Me!

Hey guys!

I really really miss blogging! I've been dormant for the past two weeks, and for that I'm so sorry :( Honestly, I'm quite behind with my outfit posts. I've been so caught up with scholarly duties. Aside from that, our street is being rebuilt. So it's hard to take a decent shot anywhere!

But just so you guys won't forget me (he he he) I'll just be posting some inspirational stuff I've been eyeing on the internet. So let's get to it, shall we? 
There's a reason why I don't cut my hair. Yes, I do want to don pixie cuts or bobs from time to time, but the truth is, having long hair is so much fun for me! Loose curls are still my go-to style when I feel like looking more dolled up. I don't really go for stick-straight hair because it doesn't seem to be "me", but I will wear it every once in a while. I love big, messy buns on the top of my head. I love teased up-do's. I love braids and twists too. In short, my hair is my very own playground! 

Just some of my favorite hairstyles from my past posts :)

Recently, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to go for a center parted look, with big voluminous curls. I tried with all the irons and hairspray my tresses could handle, but I ended up with normal looking curls and a lot of de-tangling to do!

I searched the internet for some ideas, then something caught my eye. It wasn't the same look I was going for, but it did have the big hair I wanted to achieve.

Crimped hair!!! 

I know it's kind of a thing of the past...but I'm excited to try this "new" look! I have a crimping plate from my mom, but it doesn't really work. It's probably older than I am, so I think it's time to get a new one. Irvs (the friend of mine who always takes my photos) is in the US right now. Since there's a wider (and cheaper) selection of  good quality hair irons there, I asked him if he could check them out for me. He bought a crimping iron from BedHead, and he'll be coming back in less than a week! I can't wait to give it a test drive!

Here are some crimped hairstyles I found and liked on the internet

I've always had a soft spot for ethereal looks.
Hmm...crimped halfway. Interesting
Seems impossible...and impractical, but SO PRETTY!
Wow! A bit over the top for my taste. Maybe a tamer version will do
DOLL! <3
One of my favorites
Crimped ponytails. I think I'll give this one a try first :) 

and finally...
My fave! I'M IN LOVE <3
Ideas, ideas, ideas...

I'm so excited to try crimping on my own hair. I know I've got to be really careful though. If done wrong, this look could end up really tacky. I think I've also got to learn the right skill, and how to add the right volume. I'll be consulting YouTube tutorials and hair styling blogs soon. Have you tried crimping your hair? If you have any tips to help me, I'd love to hear 'em! Hopefully, I can post my own crimped look soon! 

Ciao readers! Hope this entry inspired you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bare Back

Dress from Romwe; Primark shoes, from Landmark hair accessory

I wore this dress to a dear friend's debut. The attire was not formal, so I thought I'd take the chance to wear this dress I got from Yes, it is kind of simple for a party, isn't it?  A plain white and draping dress at first glance may seem boring, but you haven't seen the nicest part just yet! 

Wait for iiiiit...


It's super backless hahaha! Not so simple anymore, eh? The back of this dress (or lack of it, i should say) really made all the difference. It added a bit of sophistication and made the look a lot more interesting. 

Since I was going neutral with my dress' color, I added a blue but striking floral headband. Also, I don't know if you noticed, but this look was my first (public) attempt at hair chalking! I must say, it's a tedious task if you're doing it on your own. It's also a bit messy. But I wanted to try it out, and I liked it! I've already planned a look with pink/orange or orange/yellow next time. What do you think? Have you given this temporary "dye" a try? :P

Here's a picture of my hair from a closer view. You can see my makeup better too! I went for purple shadow and candy pink lips!

And there's the pretty debutante in red, with some members of the glee club! Happy birthday Pau!!! Dalaga ka na? Haha :P 

Credits to my mom for my outfit shots :)

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I'll leave it here for today guys! This girl has to study big time for the remainder of the day! Hope you all are having a less stressful day than me! haha! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND!

Ciao readers! :)