Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not your Everyday Stripes

Scarlett dress from Matilda Clothing; Leather Jacket from Peanut Butter and Jeri; Faux fur Vest (used as collar) from Girl Shoppe

I finally got to wear this black "Scarlett" dress from Matilda Clothing :) Gorgeous isn't it? This time around, I chose to wear it in a more casual ensemble; but this dress can't help but add that touch of sophistication.  I paired this look with my faux fur vest, used as a collar and  my leather jacket to save me from the cold, which by the way, was not enough! 

I've always been unable to resist unique pieces! Stripes may be everywhere in everyone's wardrobe, but not like this! I love that the stripes are vertical instead of the usual horizontal pattern. But my favorite part is that it's an alternating black and transparent pattern! Definitely chic :)I've been eyeing this dress from Matilda's website for some time now; and obviously, I wasn't able to resist. So, a big THANK YOU to Matilda Clothing for sending this over :) 

Just so you know, they still have one piece left of this dress! So HURRY HURRY and visit Matilda Clothing's website now, before someone gets the last piece! :)

As for my accessories, I wore my leather and suede cuffs from Envy accessories and this prettyyyyy vintage-inspired ring from bedazzle accessories! Thank you again, Cat Limson! You're the best :P

Photo credits to Irvinne Redor

That day in Munich, we were scheduled to take a tour around BMW Welt (BMW World). I don't know much about cars, but I wanted to visit the place anyway. I ended up having a good time! It was cool to see how cars end up from there to their new homes. It's something I'm sure my dad and brothers would have enjoyed too :)

Happy Campers!

I'll leave it here for now guys :) Tomorrow's a new stop! We're leaving Budapest and moving to Graz, Austria! I feel like I have lots more to see here in Hungary, but time just won't permit it this time! Let's hope I'll be back in this beautiful city again!

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Thanks guys! See ya around!


  1. what a pretty skirt

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. You look great, know that right? Amazing outfit! ;) xxx

  3. Don't you feel cold wearing heels or painful? But you look great.

    1. Thanks Jasmin! No, these heels aren't really painful :D I had stockings and a jacket on :D

  4. Love the dress!!! =)


  5. oh wow that dress is gorgeous!

  6. one of the best outfits i've seen so far :)


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