Monday, November 28, 2011


So Christmas is just around the corner!!! I remember how when I was a little kid, seeing the advent wreath told me that the holidays were finally here. Aside from the gifts, the feasts, the SHOPPING...of course one of the things I do look forward to during the holidays is dressing up for the occasion! It's the best time to wear those perfect dresses you've been saving for so long! :)

With that, I wanted to wear a bright and bold color that stood out like a northern star (I'm so witty...NOT). True enough, this magenta top was the first thing that caught my eye when I opened my closet. I felt I wanted to try out a monochromatic look, so I paired it with my purple pleated shorts. For balance and for a classic touch, I added my tweed jacket! And there you go! My I-can't-wait-for-Christmas look! In the meantime, I have my own advent of sorrowfully taking exams and skipping sleep before vacation time haha! 

Vintage magenta top; Lulu's pleated shorts; Thrifted tweed jacket; Heels from Bulgaria; Turban from Germany, Girl Shoppe necklace; Bracelets from Landmark

Here's to the holidays ahead of us!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Slip on Lace and Leopard

Thrifted dress; Five by Five boots; Celine bag, Gift bangles; Girl Shoppe ring

Photo credits to my mom and yaya Silver :P

Before I end, may I just say that I was a bit saddened that I wasn't able to make it to the Luxe bazaar in Il Terrazzo last Saturday. On the same day, we (ACGC) participated as part of the thousand-voice choir in Araneta Center, headed by none other than Mr. Ryan Cayabyab to sing OPM Christmas Carols along with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. Perhaps with the countless times I've been singing in various engagements, the thought of this performance taking away my free time made me see it as quite a hassle. However, when we started rehearsing, the sound of the talented (and not to mention, star-studded) soloists singing with the thousand voices  and different instruments behind them drowned out whatever negative vibe I may have had that day. Indeed, as what host Shamcey Supsup said, when it comes to celebrating Christmas with music, Filipinos are really the best! The thought of filling the big dome with such beautiful and powerful music was amazing. The fact that I was part of that, I am truly grateful for! :) Maybe you caught the concert on TV last Sunday on ABS-CBN! Did you see me? HAHA! :P

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everybody's Starry Eyed

Hi guys! I am student once again *audible sigh*...that means less blogging and more headaches. Still, I do have a lot of extra curricular activities, which ironically stress me out and distract me from stress at the same time haha!

So I'll get to my outfit :) Why the title? I dunno either hahaha! It's just that I've been listening to Ellie Goulding A LOT for the past few days! Especially "Lights." I can't sing it though. It just won't work without the super cute Brit accent!
New Yorker sweater; Thrifted shorts and bag; Five by Five boots

Photo credits to Yaya Silver

Even my Lookbook entry title is Ellie Goulding's from her song "Starry Eyed." Haha! I think I need to get over this phase I'm in :)) You can check out my new look here :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Wore Magenta / WINNERS of my Romwe giveaway

Hey guys! Before I announce the winners of my Romwe giveaway, here's a blog entry from yesterday :)

Well with the second semester of the school year fast approaching, I wanted to spend my last free Saturday having fun! I was supposed to drop by the glee club's sportsfest in the morning even if I could only stay until lunch. I wasn't able to do that though because I overslept. Well I didn't bother hurrying anymore because I couldn't play sports in the first place. Why? I just came from the dermatologist last Thursday and I wasn't allowed to sweat that much. Anywaaay...another agenda on my to-do-list was to go to Rockwell to check out the Global Pinoy Bazaar. I wanted to visit the Supersale bazaar in WTC too but it was just too far! My goal was to focus my shopping on accessories only (and not actual clothes) since I have a bunch of clothes here at home that I haven't even worn yet. But I did feel the need for new bracelets and/or earrings and/or necklaces :P 

I went to Rockwell with Irvs. He was really hungry (okay...I was too) so we ate first in Cafe Mediterranean! Even if it was just the two of us we went for the kebab platter! When I look back at the pictures, I can't believe I ate half of that thing!

 Again, let me say: I can't believe I ate half of that thing! It's even funnier that Irvs and I are relatively thin people. No leftovers there, guys! Mission accomplished! I did feel a slight headache after all that meat though...

 And this is the girl who can't wait to eat. Still trying to be demure, eh?

Now onto the outfit for the day

Vintage magenta top; H&M aztec-print pants; Five by Five wedges; Kate Spade bag; Girl Shoppe and H&M accessories

Now off to the bazaar! Well as expected, the place was crowded. What was unexpected though was the vast amount of swimsuits for sale! Haha! Excited for summer I see! 

As promised, I went on the hunt for accessories! I was able to buy a necklace and a pair of tassel earrings from Bubbles. To my surprise I saw Ana Gonzales from The Fashionista Commuter! She was super nice and bubbly! I'm usually socially awkward on first-meeting occasions, but Ana was really easy to talk to! 

 Ana: Ang tangkad mo pala! Me: Heels lang yan!
Whee! Nice to meet you Ana!

Moving on here's Ai...

...breaking her promise! So much for no clothes shopping! -_-

I ended up buying a top from The Showroom! :) I couldn't resist all the colors. Here's a preview of what I got from their store! I can say that it's! :P

And now this is still me wanting to break my promise even more...but I can't due to monetary deficiency :)) 
Hi mom! This pic goes out to you! If you want, you can buy me this orange skirt! Haha kidding :P

Okaaaay! Now I'll announce the two winners of my Romwe giveaway! Are you guys ready!? :)
When I was reading everyone's entries, I became really excited! It was fun reading all of your dream street style photos! All of them were really inspiring! The only downside was that I had such a hard time choosing! Seriously (which is why this announcement is delayed by an hour and a half)! 

Without further ado...the winners are
1. Kim Sabala with her dream carnival photo! I loved how she depicted so specifically the desaturated pink feel of her picture amidst the fun and busy carnival! I'd imagine the lightness to be very a la  Juule Kay from A Pretty Pass. I loved the outfit she described as well which was feminine, playful and edgy! Perfect for a fashionista chanelling her inner child! :) 
 2. Josephine with her autumnal photo! I absolutely agree with her when she described how beautiful the colors of nature are. I grew up in Antipolo when I used to study there for grade school and high school. True enough our school was so beautiful because of the nature around it. I also loved how she put a contrast of her environment to her outfit, keeping her attire with lightweight neutrals. This answer stood out amidst the mostly city and urban based entries from the others. Her entry was very ethereal and I do love that! :)
Congratulations to the two winners Kim and Josephine! 
To everyone who joined, thank you so much for taking part in my first giveaway! Like I said, all of your answers were inspiring! However, I could only pick two :( Well now I could only wish you good luck in achieving your dream street style photo! And be sure to post them when you do so the world can see how awesome they are! :)

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


This post is a bit delayed. This was taken from the 31st of October and a debut of my new suede booties :D

 DIY Headband; Thrifted shawl; Jag jeans; So Fab booties

I've been wanting a headpiece like this since last year when I saw it on Christing from Fashion Hedonism. I love her style! It's edgy, sexy, cute, feminine and bohemian all at the same time! Haha :P

Well obviously, this made my inner bohemian fall in love. So I went to Carolina's lace shoppe around a month ago and made my own headband :) I've been seeing accessories like this on local bloggers and theirs were made of gold chains. But I already fell in love with Christing's thicker version of the headband, so I opted for a DIY project. :) This headpiece has been lying around for a while and now I finally got to use it :)

On another Romwe giveaway ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+8)! So you still have roughly 2 more hours to join! I'll be announcing the winners shortly! :) 

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Romwe Giveaway!

Hi guys! I'm sure you've noticed all the Romwe products circulating among fashion bloggers recently :) And I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that their items are great!

Well here's a chance for 2 readers to get $80 dollars each...YES $80 worth of freebies from!

Okay, a short segment before I get into the giveaway's details. Romwe is known for its sleek and chic street style. From leather items, montage tops and jackets, blacks, whites and other neutrals. One reason why I'm so inspired by fashion bloggers is because of their awesome street style. Being chic on the streets, whether being spotted in shopping centers, events, running errands or even just while walking the dog :P When I went to Europe a few months ago, I had a goal street style photo in my to do list. I wanted to have a fashion photo while waiting for the train in one of Europe's urban subways. However due to our busy schedule, I never got to do that :( Thankfully, we're going back this summer and maybe I'll have another chance to accomplish my goal! How about you guys? I'd love to know where your dream place for a street style photo is! 

Which brings me to the mechanics of my giveaway...
  • Register at
  • Follow my blog, Brewing Happiness :)
  • Leave a comment on this post about your intent to join this giveaway along with the email address you used to register for You have until Nov 6, 2011 to join my giveaway
  • Along with your comment tell me where your dream street style photo is and a short description of what it's gonna be like! Whether it's urban chic, soft and feminine, one with nature, whatever you want!
  • I'll read your comments and I'll choose the top two street style scenarios I find most inspiring!
  • I'll announce the winners on Nov 7, 2011, 12 midnight (Timezone: GMT+8)
  • To the winners: You have until Nov 14, 2011 to use the freebies! Otherwise, THEY'LL EXPIRE!
I'm excited to hear all your ideas! Good luck guys! Hope you'll enjoy these Romwe freebies :)