Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lavender and Chiffon

Kept things light and comfy for a short dinner with high school friends :) It's been a while since I last saw them. Too bad not all of them could make it, but I had fun nonetheless! 

About today's look...
Truth be told, I hardly ever go for purple because I don't really find it flattering on me. So why the lavender blouse then? Well it all started for our octet exam. I was assigned the color indigo because we agreed on wearing the colors of the rainbow (HAHA); and I had such a hard time looking for an indigo blouse! It just so happened that my mother's favorite color is lavender. So I raided her closet (again) and found a number of purple vintage pieces. Well none of them were in an indigo I just kept my "finds" on standby. Especially this blouse right here. Oddly, despite its color, I fell in love with it :)

Vintage lavender blouse; Harem shorts from Pink Manila; Mary janes from Bulgaria; Accessories from Girl Shoppe

Sadly, I don't have photos from dinner. I was too lazy to bring my DSLR. No one else brought a camera either haha. Too bad. 
I'll leave it here for now fellas! Watch out for my next post by the way! I'll be having a giveaway from :) 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just as Good

Hi guys! I'm really excited about this post because it's the first time that I'll be blogging about my new Edith shoes. These boots are actually (and obviously) inspired by Jeffrey Campbell's famous Lita's. It's no wonder why fashionistas all over the world fell in love with these shoes instantaneously. With its mix of rugged and chic, the shoes are wearable with almost any look and immediately add that extra spice.

I found these  Lita-inspired Edith shoes on five by five! I loved 'em. Especially the one that came in tawny brown. Then as if almost tempting me, I found a pair in my size among their on-hand sales! Soooo it was a big YES! And I was more than excited to receive my new shoes in less than a week!!!

I'm no shoe expert, but I see nothing wrong with this pair :P

So on with the look :) Took these photos at my grandma's house with my tripod.

One of my concerns with the shoe was the color. I was worried I wouldn't have an easy time pairing my shoes with my clothes. But I think it's pretty much versatile now that I actually got to wear it. For its first look, I paired it with this girly, knitted and rust colored dress for a bit of balance.  Then I added my denim jacket and white beanie :)

In addition, I would like to say that these are probably one of the comfiest heels I own. You'd think it would be hard to walk in them since the heels are so high; but the high platform compensates. It feels like I'm walking on 2-inch heels or something.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Sweeter with a Sweater

Last Saturday, I tried a mix of feminine and preppy. I wanted to wear my high-waist denim shorts that day but the feel of it was a bit rugged. So I wanted to mix it up with something light. The first thing I had in mind was to go light pink. But as I scanned my closet, I couldn't find a light pink top to pair with my shorts. Instead, I found this vintage powder blue sweater that was originally my mom's.

 Vintage sweater; thrifted high-waist shorts; custom-made brogues; gift bowler hat

I fell in love with this sweater. You'll notice it has a sheer detail in the middle! We all know how in that is right now. Plus it's so dainty and I love the color! It made me realize how feminine blue can be :P 

There! You can see the sheer detail better. Sorry! My hair (as usual) is all over the place. 

Photo credits to Rey Sanchez

On another note, today's our evaluations for being part of the tour cast :-s We worked real hard so wish us luck! :) I wonder what I'll wear for later... They say pink inspires a good atmosphere :))

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Polka Up, Polka Down

Hi guys! I can smell the sem break in the aiiir!

Four more days to go and I am a free bird...Well, at least 'til I go back to school in November. But I am in dire need of this 3 week rest. I can't wait to relax, catch up with my friends, go out with my family, brush up with glee club rehearsals and update my fashion blogs of course :P

I had an exam yesterday, then I had two rehearsals for the glee club right after. It was a busy day, so it was a good thing that my outfit was so comfortable.

I decided I wanted to wear this  polka dot top yesterday. Its fabric is actually denim, but it's not that obvious in pictures. I wasn't sure of how to style it and I was in a hurry. The first thing I actually thought of was a friend of mine who loooves polka dots! Hello John Cas :P! And I thought, why not go all out on the spots? So here is my Polka-Polka ensemble :)

Polka dot top from bazaar; Polka dot shorts from Pink Manila; Mary Janes from Bulgaria; Studded bag from Celine.

Photo credits to Rey Sanchez

On another note, one of the things I'm really itching to do right now is to renovate my blog. Thing is, I'm not really good with HTML. I think I'll have to take time to learn this during the sem break. But if you guys have suggestions or tips, I'd love to hear them! 

Okay then...I think I'll leave it here for now since I still have three exams coming up this week.
Ciao people! 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ponchos and Tassels

Hello everyone!
Here's an outfit post from last Sunday. There was quite a heavy downpour and the wind was getting a bit I thought it would be a great time to wear my pink poncho!
I got this poncho from H&M when we were in Vienna. We were right on time, coz all of the H&M branches were on sale in Europe! This poncho was a steal at 5 Euros and it was the only one left in my size and in the color I wanted. I didn't get to wear it in Europe though because it wasn't enough to withstand the cold.

Poncho from H&M; Scarf with Tassels from Deichmann, Cuff with Tassels from People are People, Skinny jeans from Jag; Heels from Figliarina

I paired this poncho with a lot of tassels as you can see. As you may know, I'm really into bohemian looks. I love the vagabond-hippie-boho-chic feel of tassels. I thought it was perfect for the poncho. I would have worn my cutoff shorts, but I was on my way to hear Mass. That would be quite inappropriate, yes? Haha. Besides, I haven't donned a look with jeans for a long time on my blog. I liked how it turned out :)
Love the shades of a setting sun :)

Toodles! I have to go now. I actually have to study for an exam tomorrow! But my head is totally on sem break mode! hahaha. Just a few more days to go! After that, I think I shall give my blog a makeover :P

See ya guys! Thanks for dropping by

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Embellished Cardi

Yey! I finally got my cardigan from Romwe!
I was so excited when I found out that I could finally claim the parcel! So when I had time over the weekend, I had to make a post! When I got the cardigan, I was surprised to see how thick it was haha! A bit difficult to wear in the Philippines. Good thing it was raining yesterday :P Also, I'm sure I can use this for our European tour this summer (crossing fingers)!

I love this cardigan! It's so unique and cute! Definitely something that fits my style! Thanks Romwe!

You guys can check out more items from Romwe at their site. You can click the icon on my blog's page (on the right side) that lead's directly to!

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