Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey Baby

I love how the fashion blogging world has always challenged me to expand my fashion horizons. Since I entered college I stopped being a fan of graphic tees and started looking for more "grown-up"  pieces. Well now I don't know if I'm regressing from med school or what...but I felt like wearing this super cute graphic tee from my auntie,
H&M boyfriend blazer, From New York graphic tee, Pink Manila pleated skirt
From Landmark headscarf and socks, From Bulgaria maryjanes

Photo credits to Irvinne Redor :)

Also tried out the hot pink lips for this look! Think it turned out well :) Thank you Glacey Loiz, my ever-talented makeup artist friend, for lending me your lovely pink lipstick :P

I'll leave it short guys 'coz anatomy practicals are just around the corner. I would very much love to pass :D You can hype this look on :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flower Power

Thank God I didn't throw away my old flares :P
Hello friends! Today I felt like reviving the seventies :) Even the clothes I'm wearing here are kinda ancient. I had this top for three years and I haven't worn it since 2009, I think. The headband is way way back from my figure skating days and the jeans were from highschool haha! When the skinny jeans trend kicked in, I absolutely loved it and I was so tempted to turn all of my old flares into skinnies. But knowing fashion trends, it does nothing but cycle. True enough, retro is back in business!

Photo credits to Rey Sanchez
YRYS top, Old flares, Parisian clogs, Vintage headband, Girl Shoppe floral ring
On another note...I am very thankful for an opportunity that has come my way. I don't think I can blog about it just yet. But really, I didn't expect any of this. A thousand thanks :)

I'll leave it here for now guys :) 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Abstract Thinking

After weeks of white...

Let's add some COLOR PLEASE :D

As usual, here I am again with a vintage ensemble! This lovely top is from my lovely mother's lovely closet :)

Geez I think I was having a posing relapse! Hahaha! Sorry for the photo overload!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back and White

No typographical error with the title up there :P Well here I am...back in my home, back in the Philippines. My European tour experience with the ACGC is over. Although it's sad to say goodbye to our new found friends and families from the west, I'm happy and excited to be back home with the people I love.

The journey home wasn't a fun one though. If anything, I was anxious for the new things I would have to deal with once I got back. The most frightening, if I may say, would be my entry into my first year of medical school. Upon arriving in the Philippines, all I had was a few hours of sleep before I stepped into the all white uniform I now wear each and every single day. Another big change was my school. In college, the Ateneo became my home. I love the school so much that now, it's so hard to move on. But we all have to make difficult choices, right? So I guess now, it's goodbye college and not to mention, goodbye casual clothes :(

Anyhoo...who says you can't be stylish just because you're stuck in a uniform. If anything, it might even inspire you more to dress up for those occasions that you're allowed to do so :)

So I'll cut to the chase yes?

I got this maxi dress from Germany. It's a bit too long for me, so I tied it at the hem. I don't feel like cutting it. Actually, this look is inspired by Halliedaily from Chictopia. She wore a maxi dress with blue and black stripes and topped it with a blazer. I loved the look, so I made my own version of it :) Hope you like it too.

Anyway to end this post, I'm sorry to say that my entries won't be as continuous as before (or as I'd like them to be). Med school is no joke. I'd like to balance everything in my life, but with quizzes and requirements at every hour, it's near impossible to blog at my usual pacing. For that, I'm so sorry. I promise to make up for it when I have the time. To the people reading my blog, I hope you'll still watch out for my posts in the future :) And thank you again for all the comments you make when you drop by! It's really encouraging :)

See you next time guys :) Wish me luck! haha