Sunday, June 26, 2011

15. The Aristocats

This was our last full day in Paris :( We were invited by a university to have a small brunch picnic with them in one of their nearby parks. If there's one thing I've always wanted to do in the Philippines but couldn't (because it's a bit of a hassle), it's going out with friends for a nice picnic. But since it's often so hot and noisy here, sometimes an air-conditioned restaurant seems more practical.

For this day, I wanted to channel a bit of Audrey Hepburn. Well you see, I'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to changing my hairstyle. I always want it to be long for the long run. Sometimes I'd be so tempted to chop it all off, have full bangs, go curly...but in the end, I know I'll miss my messy, wavy, bangless, long hair. The good thing with long hair is that you can always experiment. So if you want to change it for a day, the next day, it's back to its natural state. what hairstyle did I try today?


I saved this cat-print romper especially for paris because (1) it's so cute and flirty and (2) because it reminded me of the Aristocats! Haha, yes...I'm a Disney fan!

As I said in my last post, this is probably my last entry on Paris. I don't think I have any more outfit posts for the rest of my stay in Europe because I was dressing more casually then. Sigh...

If I get to be part of next year's tour...I'll hopefully have more outfit posts and more fun doing them! Goodbye to my Europe entries! Now, I'm mostly in a white uniform :(( So sad...Thank God for weekends :P

Toodles my friends <3

Friday, June 24, 2011

14. Love List

Today was our group-walking-tour around Paris. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures because my friends and I arrived late and were trying to run after the tour that was 30 minutes ahead of us. Well as expected, we didn't get much from the tour. Lucky for us though, there was still another tour in the afternoon around Notre Dame :) That, I enjoyed :P

Different views of Notre Dame

Inside the church

As much as we would have wanted to spend the day touring Paris, we had to leave and get ready for our concert in the American Church in Paris (ACP). When we got there, my good friend Glacey and I took our outfit shots :)

Here's Glacey's playful take on a monochromatic set

Don't you just love glacey's sheer, polkadot skorts? They're so cute and unique! I love its carefree vibe; but I think it can be used for dressier occasions too.

I guess black and white was the theme of the day? Didn't notice we were in the same color scheme. My look though was less feminine and a mix of edgy and laid back with my liquid leggings and oversized sweater.

Photo credits to Glacey Loiz

My next post is gonna be my last post for Paris. Actually, I think that may be my last outfit post for my whole stay in Europe :( *Sigh* I'm getting terribly nostalgic again! :((((((

'til next time readers! Thanks for all the comments and follows :) Means a lot!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

13. In Louvre!

Hello friends! As promised, I have another entry from our 4-day stop in Paris. With the limited time that we had, we spent the earlier half of the day to visit the Louvre before rehearsals at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Mind you, it was definitely not enough to see everything; but I think we were to see enough.

Pretty friends :)

Why hello, sir!
Still wearing my coat here. It's from  my dad and I finally got to use it. It's really nice, but it can't be seen coz of all the hair and the bags

The sequence of the following pictures aren't in order of how I viewed them. It all got mixed up when I was editing :P These are just a few of the pieces I shot

Sorry for the next picture.
View right outside the Louvre
An artist was reproducing one of the paintings :) She's so good
People lining up to enter!

And of course...
...The Mona Lisa. I couldn't take a very good photo because everyone was crowding over her; and you could only stay at a certain distance from the painting. 

So that's me sharing a bit of my experience in the Louvre. Now I shall move on to my outfit post :)

I love this Ivory coverup from an Indian store in Varna :)

Vintage lace tanktop, H&M shorts, Random tights, From Landmark knee high socks, Figlia shoes

In front of the fountain

Monday, June 20, 2011

12. Bienvenue à Paris

Ooh là là! Finally, we arrived at the city of Paris. I could probably say that the whole bus was giddy with excitement; standing up, watching out for the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. I was too tired though to be one of them, even if I too was looking forward to this stop. Nonetheless, I was very much looking forward to exploring the city that has been showcased to us as one of the most breathtaking, romantic and cultural places in the world!

On our first day there (well half-day probably, because we got there at 6 in the evening), I wore this dress I got from 168. This dress was quite a bargain! Always fun to look around 168 when you want to get cute stuff at low prices. I found it appropriate because it was full of little hearts on it and the skirt was cute and flirty. Perfect for Paris, Oui?

168 dress, Forever 21 tights, From Plovdiv maryjanes, Thrifted scarf as belt
H&M blazer
Everything together :)

This was taken in the Philippine Embassy in Paris, where we all met and got distributed to
 our hosts. This day, we mostly just rested in our host's homes and got ready for a full day ahead. I'll post more Paris sights in my next post, along with my outfit posts :) Hope you'll watch out for that!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

11. A day and so in Nürnberg

A lot of people were looking forward to the week after Voerde (myself included). Why? 'Coz up next was Paris week!!! You know what that meant! Time to dress up in the capital of France! Before that though, we had a short stop in the city of Nürnberg in Germany. We only spent one full day there, leaving at 7a.m. the next day. This stop ended up with us wishing we could stay longer! The city was sooo beautiful, with a lot of history to it. Definitely something I'd want to go back to if I'd be lucky enough to visit Europe again :) 

Anyway, for this stop, I wore a vintage dress from my mother. She hardly wore it, and now it's too small for her. It was a midcalf dress and I usually don't wear that kind of style. I still kept it though because I wanted to try the trend where you tie the hem of your skirt to alter it's length. I ended up having fun with it. Again, you'll be seeing my fur vest. Sorry bout that :))

Photo credits to Fiona Estoperez

I'll leave it here for now :) Up next, Paris!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

11. Back to Greener Pastures

After having a great ten days in Bulgaria, we all flew back to our "home base" in Voerde! It was nice to be back there, relaxing and taking things easy before leaving for Paris.

I didn't really bother dressing up often because we didn't really go out in Voerde. We were mostly just at home or rehearsing. For this entry, I'll post two outfits that are a bit more youthful and fun :)

Here's the first

I wasn't able to take more photos because the sun was setting and the lighting wasn't so good anymore. I was going for the school girl look today with the polo, skirt, crisp blazer and socks. I particularly like the headscarf. :)
Here's the next look

This look is more of color and print mixing with the bright yellow romper and blue headscarf. Also a bit of print mixing here with polkadots and square-like abstract prints.

Photo credits both to Irvinne Redor 

That's all for today friends! Ciao!