Friday, June 24, 2011

14. Love List

Today was our group-walking-tour around Paris. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures because my friends and I arrived late and were trying to run after the tour that was 30 minutes ahead of us. Well as expected, we didn't get much from the tour. Lucky for us though, there was still another tour in the afternoon around Notre Dame :) That, I enjoyed :P

Different views of Notre Dame

Inside the church

As much as we would have wanted to spend the day touring Paris, we had to leave and get ready for our concert in the American Church in Paris (ACP). When we got there, my good friend Glacey and I took our outfit shots :)

Here's Glacey's playful take on a monochromatic set

Don't you just love glacey's sheer, polkadot skorts? They're so cute and unique! I love its carefree vibe; but I think it can be used for dressier occasions too.

I guess black and white was the theme of the day? Didn't notice we were in the same color scheme. My look though was less feminine and a mix of edgy and laid back with my liquid leggings and oversized sweater.

Photo credits to Glacey Loiz

My next post is gonna be my last post for Paris. Actually, I think that may be my last outfit post for my whole stay in Europe :( *Sigh* I'm getting terribly nostalgic again! :((((((

'til next time readers! Thanks for all the comments and follows :) Means a lot!


Monday, June 20, 2011

12. Bienvenue à Paris

Ooh là là! Finally, we arrived at the city of Paris. I could probably say that the whole bus was giddy with excitement; standing up, watching out for the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. I was too tired though to be one of them, even if I too was looking forward to this stop. Nonetheless, I was very much looking forward to exploring the city that has been showcased to us as one of the most breathtaking, romantic and cultural places in the world!

On our first day there (well half-day probably, because we got there at 6 in the evening), I wore this dress I got from 168. This dress was quite a bargain! Always fun to look around 168 when you want to get cute stuff at low prices. I found it appropriate because it was full of little hearts on it and the skirt was cute and flirty. Perfect for Paris, Oui?

168 dress, Forever 21 tights, From Plovdiv maryjanes, Thrifted scarf as belt
H&M blazer
Everything together :)

This was taken in the Philippine Embassy in Paris, where we all met and got distributed to
 our hosts. This day, we mostly just rested in our host's homes and got ready for a full day ahead. I'll post more Paris sights in my next post, along with my outfit posts :) Hope you'll watch out for that!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

10. My Friendly Faux

If there's one thing I didn't like about visiting Europe, that would be not having my whole closet along with me! Haha! Well, we all know that's not possible...but yeah, it really stretched my creativity to repeat and renovate my luggage-worth of clothes, shoes and accessories in a span of two months!

Maybe you've noticed...a certain item in my wardrobe has been in the limelight recently. It's none other than my brown faux fur vest. I bought this vest some time in January, I think. However I never got to wear it in the Philippines because my tolerance of the hot weather isn't too high. I still bought it though because it was at a good price anyway.

So anyway, when I was sure that I was going to Europe, I didn't have to think twice about bringing it.

In this entry, I won't be posting outfits from a specific stop. Rather, I'll be showing you guys the different ways I wore my vest :D Hope you like 'em!

Photo credits to Ave Royd Santiago

Look 2
Gift bowler hat, Vintage polo, Deichmann scarf, from Plovdiv maryjanes

Friday, June 10, 2011

7. S(LOVE)enia

Yey! Finally, I finished the Austrian leg of our tour! Now I can move on to Slovenia. I never knew anything about this country before entering it for a choral competition. Even now that I've seen it for a few weeks or so, I feel there is still a lot to see and discover about this place! I absolutely enjoyed the stops here, especially in Ljubljana!

Our first stop was in Maribor. I don't have a lot of pictures here because what we did was mostly competition, with no time for sight-seeing.

This is Krystl, Glacey and I after the competition, celebrating with the other choirs!

Ok, now I'll move on to Ljubljana! I think I can put this in my list of favorite stops. I found the place so colorful and interesting. The food was delicious, the streets were filled with things to do and beautiful sights. The walking was definitely tiring but fun at the same time. I miss this place and I hope I'll get to see it again sometime. 

This was the day Guita teased me about being textured :P As you see I'm full of different textures! I have my favorite lace tanktop covered by my fuzzy cardigan, with my tattered skirt and polkadot stockings! Hahaha. Hope it wasn't too much :)

This was the view outside our hostel. Nice huh?

Girl Shoppe white headband, Pink Manila cardigan, Vintage tanktop, Thrifted skirt, Forever 21 tights, Custom-made brogues

Here are some of my favorite tourist shots :)

The dragon symbol of Ljubljana

On this bridge, lovers put locks to make their love last forever

Beautiful view of the lake

There were sculptures like these all over the city

Our last stop in Slovenia was somewhere in a small retreat house in the west. I don't have many pictures from this stop because we spent most of the time in concerts. 

I'll leave it here for now. See ya later :)

Check out my Lookbook and Chictopia accounts, which are more up to date :)

6. Blue Belle

This is a continuation of the outfit posts I had in Gleisdorf. We went around Graz that day after a short forum in their University.

We had to be in our spring casual ensemble (bright solid colors with neutral bottoms).  The top I'm wearing is actually a dress but I couldn't stand the cold so I wore pants over them.

Love Glacey Loiz's look too! Her asymmetrical top is so nice, yes? The blue turban gives a great accent as well.

The following pictures are from a bit farther back. Just wanted to share some of them with you :)

Glacey and I outside the pub

Forever 21 crocheted tunic, From Bazaar paneled leggings

Our meal for the night o_o

adorable dog!

These pictures were from a small pub in Austria. According to our hosts, we must not leave Austria without giving the meat dish a try. Well it was definitely a different experience! I love meat but I don't think I've ever had that much in one go :P

My next post will be on our next stop...SLOVENIA :) Hope you'll watch out for that :P


Thursday, June 9, 2011

5. The Little Town of Gleisdorf

After staying in Vienna for a great week, we moved to a smaller town still in Austria, Gleisdorf. It was a pleasant little town with pleasant people! Well, since this is a fashion blog, I'll be posting my favorite outfit shots in this stop :)

The following pictures were taken by Ave Royd Santiago. You can find it on his blog too! You should really check out his blog! It's way way way more updated than mine and he's at the Paris leg of our tour already! He has lovely pictures!
Thrifted sheer top, Pink Manila faux fur vest, Wade belt, Thrifted tattered skirt

Lovely view from outside the Haus der Musik

Basically, I'm happy that I finally utilized my brown faux fur vest! Hahaha!

The next few pictures are from our first Sunday in Graz! We sang for a service in the very beautiful Graz cathedral. Then we went back to the Haus der Musik for the afternoon and took some pictures :)

Musik <3

The G clef banister

Grey thrifted crop sweater

Pictures taken by Irvinne Redor. Hehe, new profile pictures! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4, Concerts in Vienna aside from being tourist mode here in Europe, the glee club has been very busy with singing, rehearsing and performing. Our first stop alone in Vienna was full of concerts; and this was only the beginning of our journey.

Our first concert was in the Church along Stefan Fadinger (I hope I got that right). Here we sang for the Filipino community residing in Vienna. Their responsiveness and appreciation of the concert was so heartwarming. I'm sure they miss the Philippines very much and hearing the music hopefully brought back some good memories of Filipino culture. The next evening, we had another concert in a different church. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of the concert itself since I was on stage with the rest of the choir (duh). I do however have some behind the scenes photos :)

Glacey's beauty school

The master at work

Pretty ladies

Here's a view of the church we sang in for our second concert. Sorry I wasn't able to take a photo without people inside.

The glee club warming up
Nice church!

Pretty Abby
Promoting our tour with the tarp and all :)

Aside from major concerts, we also had small performances. In Vienna, we sang in the residence of the Philippine Ambassador there. Her house was so beautiful and we had fun taking some pictures there heehee. :P

Who needs harem pants?

The glee club being fed (again)

Photo opp!

Ai and Glacey :)

Hehe. The girl by the window. Photo taken by Ave Royd Santiago

After singing for the ambassador, we went to go for some sight-seeing and (of course) shopping :P

So, where does the glee club shop? :-|

The fountain near Belvedere


M is for Mozart! Girl, please!

Mariahilfe Church

CUTE DOGGIE. He was us.

Beautiful Lights

A little story about this day. Rina and I kinda got lost on the way home. We were supposed to be home by 8p.m.which relatively still has some sunshine. That explains why my pictures already include night shots. After A LOT OF WALKING we got home ok :) Thank God we had Irvs (our personal walking map) and Yorro to bring us home safely!

Bye bye for now guys :)