Thursday, May 19, 2011

3. Natural

This post is a recap of our first Sunday in Europe. The glee club sang for a Filipino Mass in the morning and had the rest of the day free to spend with our host families and friends.

My host family brought us to different towns in Austria. They took us to places with amazing views and I had so much fun taking pictures. They were quite a lot so I'll only post my favorites.

They first brought us to a church on the mountain where people often go to for pilgrimages. 


L-R: Carlo, Gorby, Ai and Rina. They were our adopted brothers for the day.

Rina and I

They also took us to spots with great overlooking views of Vienna

The Blue Danube

Just an extra picture :) Some of my glee club friends and I took some "Spring Shots" in our white and khaki ensemble outside the church. Photo credits to Ave Royd Santiago.

L-R:Abby, Ai, Glacey and Ave

I'll leave it here for now 'coz we're off to a concert here in Voerde, Germany :) On another note, I'm happy to be blogging more regularly now :) 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2. Walk Like a Wiener

Hello blogging world! I am back after our ten day trip of concerts and competitions in Bulgaria. OH MY GOSH! Definitely one of the best experiences in Europe. However that's way way way ahead of my blog entries. I have so much backlog. It's crazy! Or it's driving me crazy, at least.

Here are pictures from our second day in Vienna. Rina (my housemate), Stefanie (my host sister) and I went around Stephansplatz to see the colorful sights of the city. Definitely, it was a very busy city. Lots of people in the subway and walking the streets. 


Church of St. Stephan. Still under renovation

Here's a picture of Rina and Stefanie

With me this time. Sorry Haggard :(
 We met up at the Church to have lunch and rehearsals. This was when I took my outfit shots :D

Photo taken by Ave Royd Santiago

Chiz wiz lang ang fez namin

Again, photo credits to: Ave Royd Santiago. May sun glare chorva pa.

By nightfall, our host brought us to Prater, a local theme park. They let us go on a ride called "Extasy" and really, it was wiiiiiild! I've never felt that dizzy in my life :o

At the entrance :)

Love the Bright Lights

What we rode :-|

Pa-tourist effect

Love this shot. Taken by Irvinne Redor.

Here's everyone again

Amaziiiing! They have live viewing outside the Opera House. And, it was jam-packed!
It was a day of heavy walking and touring! So maybe that's how it feels like to be a local from Vienna :P

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1.Vienna, Austria: Upon Entry

Vienna was our first taste of European air. It was cold, refreshing and it filled us with excitement. At this point, my Vienna Experience feels like such a long time ago, but I'll try to recall everything I can and share it with you :)

This wasn't the first time I've been to Vienna. It was however the first time I've been here old enough to remember anything. Austria was a beautiful country. Compared to the other stops we've been to so far, Vienna was a bit more urban and  people always seemed to be on the go. Commuting and walking were essential for us and the weather took some getting used to.

From the fashion blogger in me: While preparing for what to pack for this trip, I got so excited at the thought of dressing up for cold weather. Little did I know that the layering pieces I prepared in the Philippines would not suffice for the strong winds.

During our stay, we all had hosts families who generously let us stay in their homes. My host family was super nice! I couldn't help but love them. They were Filipinos too, by the way. Everything was fun and memorable. Now, I have to (try to) wrap my Vienna experience in a nutshell

Hello Vienna! Hurrah!

Excited Glee Club friends

Sorry. Fashion disaster! I was too cold to care

Following photos from Ave Royd Santiago
Lacoste moment? NOT.

Me and the Abby
 I'll leave Vienna here for now. Wait for  my next entry for more :)