Monday, April 25, 2011

Euro Trip '11

Hi guys! Sorry I've been so OUT of the blogging world this past month :( I've just been so busy in Europe!!! So many sights, so many sounds! Every turn, there's something that's awesome and beautiful in this side of the world! Choir-wise, I've been having so much fun even if we've been very very very busy. Concerts here and there. It's been crazy!!! Fashion-wise, I've often been finding myself dressing for practicality instead of creativity. For one thing, my closet has been limited to one suitcase of 25 kilograms; for another, the weather here is mighty cold! During the first few weeks, I've been layering jackets and wearing jeans like crazy. My jackets didn't even match or look good together. After getting used to it though, I got to experiment a little and I think I'm starting to get a hang of it :)

Seriously, I have soooo many pictures to show and stories to tell. Sadly, I didn't always have internet access during the past weeks...hence the delay. I hope I can make a recap of them in a way we can all understand and enjoy (?) 

On another note, I do miss the Philippines, my family and friends too. I hope they're all safe and enjoying the summer time. No beaches or swimming for me this summer :P

Still, this European tour is amaaaaziiiiiing! Definitely an awesome way to cap my college life. I'll leave it here for now. I'll try to update you guys later when we finish rehearsals :) Now, I have to bathe and get back to laundry.

Here's a view of Vienna, Austria :) (sorry for my haggard look!!!) Photo credits to Rina Jimenez

See you guys!!! buhbye :P