Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Geek in the Pink

Ok, let me start by un-posted outfit entries have been piling up. I'm sorry about that. I just haven't had the time to update this blog. Well since I don't know where else to put them, I'll include some of those photos in this entry because I guess they can kinda be related :P

Again, another keeper from my mother's closet :P It's really one of the best places in the world! Thank you mom! I added white socks to my brogues since I haven't done that look just yet. I thought it looked great with the buttoned-down pink polo. Sealed the buttons up to the very end of the collar to add that geeky touch I've been sporting in a number of my posts :) It was a fun look all in all. I loved its cuteness.

Well I guess you may have noticed that I've been quite a fan of the geek chic trend :) It's so cute and fun :P I believe it all began ever since I purchased those large spectacles I always use. Contrary to the common use of glasses, these ones actually hinder my vision rather than help it (haha). But still, I can't stop using them; especially when I feel like my outfit needs more fun in it. Those glasses have really been a favorite accessory of mine :)

Check out some of my previous geek chic looks :)

1. A pretty floral dress and a boyfriend blazer can be made more playful and fun by a cute hat, cute glasses and classic brogues :)

2. Break the sexiness of a bodycon dress with a loose button-down top and a girlie bonnet. A smile helps too :)

Yes, that's all for today :) Hope for everyone to have a great weekend ahead :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a Grand Night for Singing

After nine decades of sharing excellent music, the Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club celebrated its wonderful history last February 5, 2011 in CCP with a 90th year concert.  I was so happy to be part of this event, along with past batches of the ACGC. It was nice to see how the glee club has grown through the years. Despite the changes, one thing always seemed to stay the same no matter what batch I was looking at. Everyone was like family. Even with their own jobs and lives ten to twenty to thirty to who-knows-how-many years after being part of the glee club, people still treated each other as if they never parted ways. It was so nice to know that the glee club has given us life-long friends. So, I became even more thankful that I became part of this wonderful organization :)

Anyway, this is kind of a late post. I'll be posting the outfit I wore for the general rehearsal too, which was on the Friday before the concert. For that, I wore my black maxi skirt with my denim jacket. This event was around 2 weeks ago when the weather was still kind of pleasant. So on the concert day itself, I wore my yellow oversized sweater and patterned tights from Forever 21. Paired it with my suede boots too. Talk about taking advantage of the weather.

All thrifted. All good :)


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Summer Solstice: The So Fly Project

It's summertime in the Philippines again guys! I know, the heat's been killing me too. It's like showers just won't cut it anymore. Well on the bright side, it's the season of fruit shakes, swimming and beach trips once again. Of course it's also the season of short shorts, mini skirts, spring dresses, cute hats and sunglasses too. Yeah, summer apparel may not be as posh as what spring or fall-wear has to offer, but it can be a lot of fun too as long as you're willing to tweak and experiment a little. No one ever said that summer automatically meant flip flops and tank tops every single day until the rains start coming back.

I think the best thing about summer looks is that it brings a lot more color to the table. It's the perfect time to wear bright hues. I love the bold prints and colors of this dress. I haven't worn it in a long time and I think today was the best time to bring it out again, since it was especially hot. 

Summer is also the best time to bring out your funky shades and eyewear. They're not just protection from the sun anymore, but they're also a fashion statement. I'm especially a fan of aviator shades. I know they're kinda everyone's fad already...but I think  that it suits me and my style best compared to other sunglasses. 

This pair you see right here is from Pepe Jeans Eyewear collection. You can check out their page online to get a chance to win awesome prizes from The So Fly Project. You can also visit and like their Facebook page for more updates! Don't miss out on the chance guys! 

Here's to a fabulous summer ahead of everyone! Don't forget to check out The So Fly Project guys :)