Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage is Close to my Heart

I guess without me realizing it, I grew up with women who had a knack for awesome classic pieces. My mom, grandmother and even my yaya were my first favorite fashionistas. Mommy kinda dresses more casually now. She said it comes with age when you resort to wearing rotational attire. But when she was younger, I adored her blouses of bold prints, elegant dresses and pants or skirts with unique cuts (like her culottes haha) to name a few. My lola's (grandma's) closet on the other hand is full of classy blouses, and unique blazers. It's especially fun to visit now, that the granny and oversized looks are so in. Just like this one from Autilia on

Then there's also my yaya...whom I LOVE for...well, a lot of things. But in relation to this entry, introducing me to the ukay-ukay/thrifting world.  She, along with my mom, are my favorite thrifting buddies!

Anyway, as I was saying, I do love vintag. When there are those days that you can't decide what to wear, my default solution is always vintage. Even if it's not too trendy, you know it'll be eye-catching :)

I wore this outfit to school. And I suppose the vintage item here is pretty obvious. I borrowed this butter plaid oversized blazer from my grandma's closet. When I say oversized, I mean long, big and padded haha. Wearing that blazer took some balancing on my part. At some point, it made me look short and took away any hope for a flattering shape. Finally, I found something that worked :)

I was happy to wear this tanktop. It's been in my closet for ages, but hasn't been out of it that often. Finally, I got to use it again. 

As I was going through my grandmother's clothes, I couldn't help but miss her. When she was around, I wasn't into fashion blogging just yet. Never thought I'd share the same fashion interests as her. She always used to love seeing me in nice clothes and always liked knowing what new fashion finds I found. Yes, she was a very hip lola. I hope she could see this somehow in heaven and know that I'm thankful for having her,  that I miss her and that I most especially, love her! Keep watching over us, Nanan :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello again guys!

I know...I haven't been posting for the longest time haha. It's crunch time again in school now that it's January. With roughly a month to go, every single subject has been keeping me busy one way or another. I'm thankful that I even find the time to shoot for my outfit posts on my fashion blogs haha.

Anyway, this entry is more of a re-post of a photoshoot I modeled for last December. The photos came out a few weeks ago, but I was too preoccupied with my oral exams to blog about it. This was actually a collaboration between Glacey Madel Loiz and Ave Royd Santiago: both very talented people and good friends. This shoot was inspired by Barbie, playing around with vibrant and flirty pinks, greens and purples for makeup; and fun and trendy street style outfits. So, I won't keep it any are the photos :P

The photos above were my beauty shots. I forgot to mention that I modeled alongside Steff Genato. I think you'll agree that she is gorgeous :) Here are her beauty shots

Ave and Glacey (and even my mother) said that we looked good paired up in photos \:P Would you agree?  

Of course Barbie isn't just known for her makeup, but also for her fashion! Ave took midshots and fashion shots too. I styled two outfits for this portion of the shoot and I had lots of fun doing it!!!

I loved the bold and popping colors of Steff's outfit :)
My outift was more neutral, but still with the colorful top that stood out against the dull palette.
The next photos were styled by all three girls (Glacey, Steff and I). The theme that was supposed to be glam ended up more like a modern french doll with all the lace, tulle and bows. I guess that's kinda my fault 'coz I didn't have anything glittery or shiny enough to match the pegs Glacey sent me haha.

Super love this photo :)

That's everything. This shoot was super fun ! I almost forgot that I was sick then (ended up with a fever the next day though haha). Good Job again Ave and Glacey. You two work so well together! I hope you two have more projects in store for you :) 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Charcoal and Lace

Let me start with the outfit post :P

A short story about this dress. First of all, it was from a bazaar. It's made of lace...and I bought it during that time when I was in my Lace Phase. I have loved lace for the longest time. I think since grade school haha. I guess I'm a sucker for pretty things. So when the lace trend came out, I was OBSESSED! If my mother hadn't stopped me, I probably would have bought more. Well now that I think I've had my fair dose of it, I've come to the point that I can say "don't add any more lace in your closet, Ai."

Anyway...back to the story. I first found this in Greenhills. By the time I saw it though, I was left with very little money at hand. I think I already spent too much that day before I saw it. So, I had to let it go. A few months later...yup, I spotted it again at the Port 88 Bazaar! Yipee! Even better, it was 150 pesos cheaper than the first time I saw it. I took it as some sort of fashion intervention and said it re-appeared to me because it was fate or something. Or, maybe I just lack control when it comes to shopping :-| (or both...)