Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello again guys!

I know...I haven't been posting for the longest time haha. It's crunch time again in school now that it's January. With roughly a month to go, every single subject has been keeping me busy one way or another. I'm thankful that I even find the time to shoot for my outfit posts on my fashion blogs haha.

Anyway, this entry is more of a re-post of a photoshoot I modeled for last December. The photos came out a few weeks ago, but I was too preoccupied with my oral exams to blog about it. This was actually a collaboration between Glacey Madel Loiz and Ave Royd Santiago: both very talented people and good friends. This shoot was inspired by Barbie, playing around with vibrant and flirty pinks, greens and purples for makeup; and fun and trendy street style outfits. So, I won't keep it any longer...here are the photos :P

The photos above were my beauty shots. I forgot to mention that I modeled alongside Steff Genato. I think you'll agree that she is gorgeous :) Here are her beauty shots

Ave and Glacey (and even my mother) said that we looked good paired up in photos \:P Would you agree?  

Of course Barbie isn't just known for her makeup, but also for her fashion! Ave took midshots and fashion shots too. I styled two outfits for this portion of the shoot and I had lots of fun doing it!!!

I loved the bold and popping colors of Steff's outfit :)
My outift was more neutral, but still with the colorful top that stood out against the dull palette.
The next photos were styled by all three girls (Glacey, Steff and I). The theme that was supposed to be glam ended up more like a modern french doll with all the lace, tulle and bows. I guess that's kinda my fault 'coz I didn't have anything glittery or shiny enough to match the pegs Glacey sent me haha.

Super love this photo :)

That's everything. This shoot was super fun ! I almost forgot that I was sick then (ended up with a fever the next day though haha). Good Job again Ave and Glacey. You two work so well together! I hope you two have more projects in store for you :)