Sunday, November 21, 2010

Small Changes

People who know me well would probably describe me as a structured person. I'm not fond of change and I often like things the way they are. I'm not saying I'm close-minded either...I guess I'm just more comfortable with knowing how things will turn out.

Petty it may seem, but part of the things in my life that I try to keep constant is my hair. It has always been long, wavy and messy. It's far from what anyone would consider to be luxurious, shampoo-commercial-worthy hair; but i actually like the way it looks. Well, to get to the point...I've actually been thinking about coloring it to a brown shade. I figured, grad pics are over...I guess now would be the best time. So around 3 weeks ago, my mom brought me with her to the salon and... wasn't just goodbye black hair but goodbye long locks as well. A lot of it was chopped off :( It took some adjustment for me, to be honest. It wasn't bad, but sometimes it was hard to recognize myself in the mirror. here it is...My brown hair. I tried to pair it with an outfit that would suit my new fresh-from-the-salon do. Rushed as I was to pic an ensemble, I found this outfit to be one of my faves. What do you think? 
Wow. Its been a while since I've seen myself with straight hair. Love this blazer. Got it from a garage sale :) Very good deal
So there it is, my brown hair. But trust doesn't look like that now. Its back to its old, wavy orientation. At least I look more like myself now than I do in this picture. I don't know if I'll be keeping the brown hair color. I've been getting mixed comments from people. A lot of people love it and some prefer the old hair. Well personally, I like the brown...but I like my real hair color too. I'm more of a person who likes keeping things natural, but who knows? Let's see how it goes as my hair grows out :)
See ya around guys :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

Easy Does It

The family went to greenhills shopping center last Monday :) It's been a looong time since I went there and I was excited to see what new stuff they had.

Here's what I wore :)
denim polo from bazaar. I love how it was bleached.
I love this floral cami :) I simply can't let go of it. Tulle skirt from clad shoppe. Tan shoes from paparazzi

hahaha smile smile

I did have a shopping list though on this occassion. Included were:
     1. A maxi dress
     2. A white crop top
     3. A crocheted crop top (which I remembered from my last visit but did not buy)
     4. A slouchy gray cardi

My main goal was that maxi. I wanted one for a long time now. And I've been getting inspiration from ViVi mag how they've been styling maxis

I was able to buy a floral navy blue maxi, with a bohemian, summery feel! Well, it was more expensive than your typical tiangge (bazaar) price; but it was so pretty, and I didn't find anything like it in the area.
Here's a preview of my new maxi. I wore it last wednesday to visit my grandma. My mom suggested I'd wear it on that day; and I thought it would be good to dress up for Matess (that's what we call our grandmother..short for mama tess) because she loves seeing her apo (grandchild/children) look all dolled up hehe. She took note of my excessive bangles, but liked them anyway :)) My mom asked me to accompany her that day to her clinic...and I kinda felt out of place in a maxi dress in the province. One guy even referred to it as a 'gown.' Ah well! I would have changed...but my mom asked me not to :)) In her words, so I could show her friends how to dress hahaha. Parents!

Anyway, about the other stuff on my shopping list...I was able to buy those cropped tops (although the crocheted one was not the same as what I intended). Alas...still no grey cardi. Well...perhaps because so much was already spent :)) I shall leave that to next time.

It was so nice to see Matess again :) I've been so busy with school and glee club, that I hardly had time to visit her. Same goes for my mom...I had fun bonding with you mommy :) I love you both >:D<

I'll leave it here for now :) See you next time guys