Monday, October 25, 2010

You Girly Girl

Guys...sorry...just an outfit post today :) I'm too lazy to write anything else. I've been busy fixing my sched for enlistment tomorrow morning :o Wish me luck! Hope I get a good schedule and good set of professors for my next (and last :'( ) semester :)

First time to wear my forever 21 skirt. Kept it simple with a black cami and black vest
I would have wanted to wear the skirt with my cropped wool sweater. But it's TOO HOT for that here :P

Too bright :-| sorry, it was a test shot

That's all for today :) See you around guys :P

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Again, Life!

YEY! First sem is finally over. This is officially the start of my sem break...and here I am back on my blog! whee!

Anyway, as usual this is another outfit post. I was supposed to wear this today for a family trip to MOA. I decided to change though, because we were heading for Church first. I knew I couldn't go to hear Mass in my black mini. I changed into my blue floral dress instead.

But there you go...rain poured, and my mom got lazy...we ended up going to the grocery instead and eating pizza at home. It was all good...even if I didn't get to shop, I got to rest at home anyway with my family. It felt so good to have a Sunday night not worrying about deadlines or requirements for the following day :)
black pleated chiffon skirt with lace underneath from clad shoppe :)

I know I still have my signature sleepy eyes :))...but if you ask me, I look a lot more relaxed here than from my past posts. I missed having long hours of sleep!!!

Well at this point, with some free time ahead of me...I can look back at my past "hell sem" and say it ended well. I even survived the 14 extra long and complicated thesis statements for our theology oral exams. I'm happy about my performance, but I'm happier that it's over. Thanks for all the people who helped me survive (academically or not). What's left for me to do now is my thesis. Yeah...I still have to do thesis stuff during the break. Kind of a hassle, but I can handle it :) Also gonna be keeping myself busy with glee club rehearsals. Christmas is just around the corner :P and you know what that means...CAROLING!

That's all for today I guess. Here's to some good R and R!!! I'll leave it here for now. Stay lovely, bloggers :)