Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nerdy Kind of Love

Ok, we've all been seeing the geeky nerdy trends for some time now. I'm very thankful that my vision is fine...but I always have fun trying on my friends' glasses and seeing how I look. I have a friend who's quite annoyed with this trend as he says "you've got to earn your way to being a geek...you don't just dress up like one!" hahaha. Well, I don't know if I speak for everyone...but fashion is all about having fun with what you're wearing :P If you feel like being an overly-sized-spectacled wonder for a day, then go ahead!

Anyhoo...two weeks ago, Maya, my blockmate brought her pair of glasses to school. I tried them on and loved 'em! I couldn't wait to get a pair of my own. Well I already mentioned this in one of my past entries...that I actually already bought one. They're a pair of humongous glasses with black vinyl rims. Super cute! Maya's pair though had a squarer shape and gave a different effect to my face :P Just last Saturday, she was kind enough to lend it to me for the long weekend :D YEY! So I seized the opportunity and wore my chic geek outfit! (and took pictures of course to share it to you lovely fashionistas ;D)

So, what do you think?
Complete with the nerdy pose :))
Red beret; Long-sleeves unitard from Yvonne's; Striped mini skirt from Pink Manila; Booties from Landmark
Well, there's really not much else I can say in this entry since my Monday was spent mostly bumming around the house. I did take a lot of pictures though :-| Pardon my vanity...I guess I'm kinda into this look then :))

HAHA! I think I took one too many :P  I had too much fun. Anyway I'll keep it until here for now :) Adios! :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preserving College


Okay, so let me begin this entry with saying that I was a bit let down. Traditionally, our school takes 2 photos for our grad pics. One is the formal shot, with the toga and all...the other is the creative shot. I was already psyched to dress up as Barbie with the hot pink lips, blonde wig, and cute dress. However, we found out that the creative shot was no longer gonna push through. Instead, they offered the casual lifestyle shot, which was supposed to capture our casual daily life throughout college. Unlike the creative shot, no fictitious characters, conspicuous props or costumes were allowed. Perhaps having a chictopia and lookbook account made me quite unexcited...because I can freely express my personal style anytime I want to. :( Oh well...I just had to make the best out of it.

Here are my toga pics :)
Unedited toga pic that I chose

Should I have chosen this one instead?

As for my casual lifestyle shot...here's what happened

Outfit: Bodycon dress from Archive clothing; Draping top from cotton on; Stockings from Hipstop; Beret made by my mom :) ; Shoes from Prima donna

Help! Can't choose between this and the previous pic

A bit different.
Thankfully these three photos above turned out okay! But here's what I can say about the casual shots...a lot of poses were dictated by the photographers...and well a lot of them were very "commercial poses." I don't want to judge their taste or anything...I just found them to be un-me haha.

Awkward commercial pose 1

Awkward commercial pose 2 (oh no :)) )
I don't think I'll be posting all of those though :)) Kahiya (embarrassing)!!!.

Anyhoo...another thing I realized from all this is that...OMAGOLLY! I'm gonna be graduating soon (hopefully). I do pray that all goes well academically! I'm gonna miss college so much...my dear friends especially :(

Ai and Rae tandem: Pre-orsem to forever (yeees! Cheesy!!!) wahahah

with the sexy diandra <3 Kabit!

Irene! So pretty!!!

with 3 of my favorite girls: Maya, Deej and Irene. MIA: Lourae and Jam
With our formal pic photographer :)

All in all, it was a fun experience coz I was with my blockmates...and we all got to look pretty and handsome together haha :P

That's all for today :) see ya guys :)

I don't want to be stranded

Hello guys! I am back!!! These past few days have been quite hectic :-| Anyway, this entry is just to recap what happened last Thursday, August 26 2010.

Let me begin with the word RAIN! I love the weather when it rains...but only when I'm safe at home with a blanket and soup :P That day, Rae and I decided to go to Marikina to visit our area for our thesis. I did not expect the rain at all when I left the house...so there I was wearing my vintage blue loafers <3...
Well I guess you know what happens next...now, my loafers are no longer usable :( Sad story, I know :(

After that, I went to Trinoma to look for stuff for my grad pic. I had no idea what to wear for my casual lifestyle shot...and so I headed to the mall to be "inspired" 

Due to the rain, I wasn't even able to get a good outfit shot :( even if i loved it :(
Well there I am at home...looking uhhh...(tired?) I thought I was gonna get sick from the rain...good thing I'm still fine ( I think).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beige Roses

Hello guys! I have not been updating my blog this whole week due to academic requirements. Finally, its Saturday and I have some time to post here. I can't stay long though as my date with physics awaits.
Anyhoo, yesterday was quite stressful. I had a test in parasitology and it was very difficult :-| Oh well, time to move on from that. I also had to do my thesis, and as usual, that took some time to accomplish.

I am sad to say that some of my Friday plans did not push through. I was supposed to attend our annual BioNIight. The theme this year was to come in neon colors. I found that fun because I hardly wear neon on a regular day, and I already had my outfit with me when I went to school. I wasn't able to go though, because long story short, it was late and I have a curfew hehe. Oh well, it wasn't so bad...I felt better when I got to talk to my classmates. The day ended well though :) I still had fun :P Perhaps I will post my neon outfit next time :> Hmmm, neon photo shoot? hahaha

Anyway, here's the outfit I wore to school today :)
Ah! Again, another treasure in my mother's closet (beige polo) I paired it with my black lace sweetheart tube and denim mini :)
trial 2
My version of wild hahaha
I liked the blurry pic above and tried to make it decent.

When I got home, a SURPRISE was waiting for me!!! FINALLY, I have a foundation brush from suesh!!!
Thank you Ate Issa, Rey, Lester and Will for your birthday gift :):):) This will definitely be sulit! Promise :P
<3 yey! Thanks guys!!!

Heehee...okaay...since it's already Saturday and I don't think anything else will happen...I will continue this August 20 entry onto the 21st. Today, we sang for a memorial mass for Ninoy Aquino in San Beda. After that, we went to an ICE CREAM PARLOR hehehe! Can't go wrong with that :P

I got so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture of this lovely banana split :( Here it is, half-eaten. Low EQ? >:P
Hokidoki guys, I guess I'll end here :) See you around <3

Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling Korean, I really think so

Yesterday night, Ate Glacey and I had a joint birthday celebration :) Yipee! We had dinner in Janggun, a Korean restaurant along Libis. It was the first time i ate korean food, so this was something new for me. There was a lot of meat on the table...mostly pork. There were also free side dishes with our orders, such as kimchi, okra, radish, string beans and other stuff.

Beef and chicken just waiting to be cooked

Yummy rice
Chap Chae!

Of course, we birthday girls could not help taking pictures...I feel kinda bad that I left my denim jacket at home. It would have gone great with my dress. I was just in such a hurry for my morning lab class that I packed my (change of) outfit really quickly.

Ate Glacey! You're so pretty :) and I soo love your outit
With Wil Tan! Fasyon!

Here are some pics of our lovely guests :) Thanks guys for celebrating with us :)

Irvs Redor: Cooking Master Boy
The Lovely Issa Juni :) Good luck sa Med school.
Ate Chrissie!!! I missed you! Yii VEST!
Abby Co, Lester Tanquilut and Eugene Soyosa (no solo shots available)
Will Tan! Mr. President
After all that meat, we needed dessert of course!!! So, off to Katipunan we went for our favorite Frutti Froyo!!! I really really love that place! I feel like a kid with all its bright colors, toppings, froyo flavors and syrups. It's so fun to make your own sweet treat :P

All smiles here :)
HAHA! How come only the girls are laughing
 HAHA what's going on here?

I think I'm still in Korea in this pic

I borrowed Ate Glacey's hat because I felt so un-accessorized beside her :))
One of my favorite solo shots. I'm usually VERY awkward when someone takes my picture in public :D hahaha

Of course, the outfit of the day again :D

Thanks for celebrating our birthdays with us guys! Had so much fun! 'Til next time ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday Dinunch

Yes, in my lameness, I coined the term "Dinunch." Well, if there's a brunch, why can't there be dinunch? :P

After another long week (although relatively better than the last), I could say that it ended quite nicely :) We celebrated this month's first Friday Mass. After that, I had to go straight to the lab to do our thesis. I think I'm finally used to handling fecal samples. (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing).

Anyway, had lunch in pizza hut after such a loooong time. I'm more of a shakey's girl :)  I WAS SO FULL AFTERWARDS :-|

I love this dress. I got it from Chic essentials at the Port 88 bazaar :)

This day was fun, I must say :) I love Fridays...especially when it's spent with the right people :)